7 Things To Avoid When Buying A Used Car

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Never rely on the dealer’s mechanic or dealer’s “word” that the car is in good working condition. The dealer can simply spread out a more expensive price over a longer period of time to get you the payment you want. There are several advantages to buying certified used cars, but two stand out the most. A printout of a vehicle history report, along with any notes about the report that warrant a lower offer than the sticker price. These are similar to independent dealerships but are much bigger and often part of a chain of dealerships. CarMax and CarSense are good examples of superstores.

Most major dealers offer these reports for free if they have the vehicle in their inventory. Once you’ve made contact with the dealer, be sure to ask a few questions. Most dealers will be willing to provide a vehicle history report—CarFax and AutoCheck are the two most common—and there’s no point in test-driving a car without one. Vehicle history reports are only as good as their data, so while a spotless one might not put you 100% in the clear, a bad one can steer you away from purchasing a lemon.

  • It is impossible to really know how well a used car was taken care of by the prior owners.
  • CarBuyingTips.com recommends the AutoCheck 25 report package.
  • On the off chance you do lease a used car, try to get one still under factory warranty or consider purchasing extended warranty coverage if there are not a lot of exclusions.
  • There, you will likely be offered additional items such as a warranty, anti-theft devices, prepaid service plans or fabric protection.
  • You will likely be spending years in this car and driving it thousands of miles.

If you are the type of person who likes to haggle, by all means do so. If you hate dealing, you might be more comfortable buying from a dealer whose prices are pretty much set. If you are really serious, bring along a mechanic or trusted friend who knows cars.

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Head over to the My Car’s Value section of KBB.com. Now that you have a list of potential vehicles or one specific car in mind, check its price. Kelley Blue Book is known for its pricing expertise, and you can find accurate lietotas automašīnas data in our Car Prices section. A vehicle’s features and design can change drastically from one year to the next. Read our reviews of the model over several years to make sure you’re getting the style and features you want.

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Make sure you get a title and have the seller sign it correctly. When in doubt, check the state’s registry website for more information. Most states allow about 10 days to register the car in your name.

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Even if you plan on securing an auto loan through the dealer, having a pre-approval option from a financial institution can help you negotiate against the dealer’s rate. Because dealers make more money on vehicles they finance, they are likely to try to beat the rate’s you’ve already secured and beat their rate. Be aware that your credit score directly impacts your interest rate, and having aso you should try to have your credit score above a 680 will make a substantial difference. If you don’t have favorable credit, you should do your best to repair it before you purchase a vehicle. The pre-purchase inspection will include checking both safety and maintenance components and will generally cost around $50 to $100.